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One-Time Close Construction Loans

Turn your dream home into a reality with our innovative construction loans! Our One-Time Close Construction Loan allows you to lock in your interest rate right from the start, removing the worry of rising interest rates and future re-qualification requirements from the equation.

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A few highlights from the One Time Close Construction Loan:

  • Innovative and customizable down payment options
  • Stay in your existing home while building your new home
  • During the construction period (the first 24 months), you will only be required to make interest-only payments on the amount you have drawn out on the construction loan
  • Once the home is complete, you'll be able to customize your final loan amount prior to the conclusion of the interest only portion of the loan
  • You choose if you want an escrow account associated with your monthly payment

Two-Time Close Construction Loans

This loan is a fantastic option for those that do not qualify for a One-Time Close Construction Loan.

There are many similarities between the two loans. However, the greatest difference between the two is that with the Two Time Close you'll have greater flexibility on the down payment and household income requirements.

With the Two-Time Close, your long-term interest rate will be locked once the home is completed

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