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Explore the Benefits of Reverse Mortgages for Seniors (age 62 or older)

Many of our seniors have taken advantage of a reverse mortgages for multiple reasons. For some, they want to stay in their existing home, while maintaining their lifestyle and independence to fund the necessary items of life that social security may fall short in taking care of.

For others they need to increase monthly cashflow. The reverse mortgage loan can be used to eliminate your current monthly mortgage payment so that you NEVER have to make a mortgage payment again for the rest of your lives. *Please note that you would still be required to pay the annual property taxes and home insurance on the property.

Some of our Seniors want to upgrade the “old family home” that’s paid for and move into a new home with less upkeep and yard maintenance.

With a reverse mortgage, you retain full ownership to the home, which means that if you want to sell the home and purchase another home, you can!

For initial qualification, you must be a homeowner (and both borrowers must be 62 years of age or older). It is NOT necessary that you have your current home paid off to qualify for the reverse mortgage!

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