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Explore a Refinance for Your Home Mortgage

There are many reasons why you should consider a refinance of your current home mortgage. It may be that you want to refinance in order to:

  • Lower your current interest rate
  • Shorten the term of the loan
  • Combine your current first mortgage with your higher interest rate second or HELOC mortgage
  • Combine outstanding credit card or charge card debt
  • Consolidate all your bills making your overall monthly cashflow more efficient and effective
  • Home remodel, giving the home a needed or wanted facelift
  • Finishing the basement
  • Replacing the Heater, AC, Water Heater, Roof or other major repair
  • Adding onto the home
  • Funding for a new second home or investment property
  • Divorce – needing to split the equity in the home
  • Assisting children or parents with financial needs
  • Purchasing a business

The list goes on and on. We are here to analyze, review, crunch the math and help you determine if a strategic refinance is the right move for you and your family.

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Rate and Term Refinance
  • Lower your current interest rate and term
  • Eliminate costly monthly mortgage insurance
Cash Out Refinance
  • Use idle equity to consolidate debt into one lower monthly payment
  • making your monthly dollars more efficient and effective
  • Lower your overall debt-effective interest rate

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